These photos were taken in October 2017 on a road trip driving from Indiana to California. -- In Nebraska I-80 picks up the Oregon and California Trails, the routes taken by trappers, missionaries, gold seekers and pioneers hoofing it across the mountains back in the 19th century.

A road paved with disasters and dreams, puzzling evidence, portents and signals from the past. Stark vistas of empty prairies beneath immense skies, an endless horizon like an ocean occasionally interrupted by towns, modest homes, broken trailers; locations for unrealized movies. Inside many of these homes the visitor tends to find some religious motif and a longing for a better life.

No reason to build up when you can just spread out and what is built doesn’t seem that permanent. An architecture of prefabrication and uniformity. Walmarts, McDonalds, gas stations and truck stops repeat themselves over and over again. Despite our seeming progress, it all seems to fall apart.

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